The Role of the Information Officer under POPIA

 With the POPIA frenzy of the last few months simmering down thanks to the extension by the Information Regulator for registering Information Officers and PAIA manuals alike, companies have been given more time to fully engage in discussions regarding what the new law...

The Long and Often Winding Road of Rescission of Judgement Applications

Generally, Rule 42 of the Uniform Rules of Court deals with the Variation and rescission of court orders. In case of the service of a debt (i.e. that the judgement amount is paid) or by consent rule 23A applies. Rule 42 provides: “(1)   The court may, in addition to...

Happy 14th Birthday SchoemanLaw!

Today we celebrate our 14th Birthday in our new office! We would like to thank our team, clients and stakeholders for their continued support! We look forward to welcoming you to our new and collaborative space! We also look forward to using our new space to be of...
We are Moving!

We are Moving!

Please note that we are relocating to the 10th floor, 1 Thibault Square, 1 Long Street, Cape Town. We are therefore remaining in 1 Thibault Square, just moving a few floors in the same buildings. This will occur on 30 August 2021 from 12:00 until 17:00 on 31 August...

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