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Service of a letter of demand, does it interrupt prescription?

Introduction Prescription of a debt can be described as “old debt” in which creditors may not institute legal proceedings to collect monies owed to them, by law. The Prescription Act provides that the period of prescription is a period 3 years in respect of an ordinary debt. In certain instances, prescription may be interrupted in […]

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What happens when your attorney pays your money to the wrong person?

Cybercrime can be described as a criminal activity that involves a computer and the internet. Cybercrime involves many criminal activities and this article aims to explore cybercrime in the legal profession and the implications thereof by taking a look at the High Court case of Fourie v Van der Spuy and De Jongh Inc. and […]

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The Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Act: aims and objectives and does it bring change?

Introduction   On Thursday, 3 October 2019, the Electronic Deed Registration Systems Bill was signed into law after having been tabled in Parliament in 2017 and subsequently sent to the President for assent in March 2019. This article aims to explore the aims and objectives of the Electronic Deed Registration Systems Act (the “Act”) and […]

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Mediation – is it an Alternative to Litigation?

Mediation can be described as a flexible process conducted in confidentiality, in which a neutral third party actively assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute or difference. This article seeks to explore whether Mediation is a suitable alternative to Litigation. Disputes in Civil Proceedings: Disputes in Civil Proceedings are commonly viewed […]

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Piercing the Corporate Veil – What is it and when can it happen?

Introduction In order to explore the practical application of the piercing of the corporate veil, we need to unpack the nature of the surrounding environment – the company, first. A company can be described as a juristic person that enjoys a separate legal personality, from its members, that has been incorporated in terms of the […]

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