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The Constitutional Court legalises the private use of marijuana

The Constitutional Court handed down an unanimous judgment on 18 September 2018 that now makes it legal for adults to cultivate and smoke marijuana in the comfort of their own homes. This was greeted by much jubilation inside the Court Room as well as outside. Many Activists have been campaigning for years to have the […]

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Antenuptial Contracts – Part 1 of 3 -Implications of Marriage Out of Community of Property

In the twenty first century many couples are entering into an Antenuptial Contract in order to protect their individual assets and restrict their exposure to liabilities brought on in terms of solemnizing a marriage or civil union in community of property. The specific liabilities one is exposed to as well as the requirements to exercise your rights […]

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Resignation – what Employers must know

It has become common practice for Employees to resign with immediate effect. Employers are often relieved when Employees resign in such a manner. This is due to the fact that Employees that have resigned usually create more problems in the workplace when serving their notice. Many Employers feel that such Employees do not make a […]

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Fundamental Requirements of a Valid Contract- Protecting Contracting Parties’ Rights!

In the twenty first century, contracts have become a part of our everyday lives from cell phone contracts, service provider contracts, employment contracts, leasing, motor vehicle financing and bond. We conclude these contracts frequently, but do you know what the fundamental requirements to conclude a valid legally- binding contract in South African are? For a […]

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Pregnant Employees

Automatic Unfair Dismissals- Pregnancy and Employment

We are celebrating Women’s month in August. As such it is always good to reflect on how far we have come as a nation since thousands of brave women marched to the Union Buildings on the 9th of August 1956. But the question remains – how far have we really come and are our South […]

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