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Contract drafting in favour of the layperson

Contract drafting in favour of the layperson   Introduction   Parties enter into contracts on a daily basis. More often than not, we encounter a situation in which one party exercises dominance over the drafting of a contract. This leaves some in a disadvantaged position. Many people conclude contracts every day and a majority of […]

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The Voetstoots Clause

All too often individuals buy property with the expectation that they have just found their perfect home, only to later realise that there are hidden ‘skeletons’ buried therein just waiting to make an appearance at some point. Sometimes those skeletons rear their heads and bodies soon after the individual takes residence, other times, long after. […]

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#Metoo – what comes next?

It is the unfortunate state of affairs that sexual harassment in the workplace constantly rears its ugly head, and while it may be near impossible to be rid of it entirely, it is by no means an indication that it should continue.  It is for that reason that it is important for you to know […]

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res judicata

Contempt of court. That’s just criminal. Isn’t it?

Introduction   Firstly, it must be noted that no, contempt of Court does not relate solely to criminal proceedings nor to criminal behaviour. Contempt of Court applies whenever behaviour exhibits simple disregard of a Court order.   Contempt of Court is divided into two categories namely, civil contempt and criminal contempt. In terms of the […]

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When can you be held personally liable within your company and how can this be brought about?

Introduction When a corporation is registered, an individualistic entity separate from that of its shareholders is created. This enables the corporation to function under its own name, as a juristic person. This separation is deemed ‘the corporate veil’. However, although incorporation can provide for the limitation of liability of those persons behind the company, this […]

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