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A Lesson in the Timeous Institution of Arbitration Proceedings

Arbitration is steadily on the rise in the developing world.[1] More interesting is that this growth seems to be centered around Africa, or, at least, African parties. The reasons are no doubt compound, but one reason is that Africa is slowly on the rise, economically speaking, and which leads to a high propensity for friction […]

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Testamentary Trusts

Independant Schools and Expulsion – Contract and the Constitution

As of 9 January 2019, and estimated 402 141 students were enrolled in the 1966 independent schools scattered throughout South Africa.[1] As such, 3% of all students are in attendance at independent schools. No statistic could be found indicating how many students left the independent school curriculum. However, case law suggests independent schools have the […]

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Recent Changes – Government Pension Funds and Divorce Settlements

Government employees who are members of the Government Employees Pension Fund (‘GEPF’) can breathe a sigh of relief, as their pension interest will no longer be subject to the ‘debt’ approach when distributing pension interest when enforcing terms of a Divorce Settlement Order. The previous rules were structured in such a way that the divorce […]

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The Regulatory Status Quo of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The South African Cryptocurrency Market Place is currently facing scrutiny and a fair amount of uncertainty as a result of First National Bank (FNB) announcing on 20 November 2019 that they would be shutting down all bank accounts associated with cryptocurrency businesses. The decision will affect all three of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges currently in […]

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Dispute Resolution in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Whoever controls the courts, controls the state.” Aristotle The courts of ancient Athens were fundamentally democratic with tens, hundreds and in some instances thousands of jurors adjudicating trials. There was no Judge, which role was taken up by the pool of jurors adjudicating at that time. One of the founding principles held dear by Athenians […]

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