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redistribution agreements

Redistribution Agreements and Requirements by the Master of the High Court

When a person dies, their beneficiaries may inherit moveable and/or immoveable assets in terms of a valid will (testate succession) or interstate succession (in terms of the Intestate Succession Act No 81 of 1987). However, not all the heirs concerned may be thrilled with what they have inherited, and they therefore have the option to […]

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firearms control

The requirements and responsibilities in respect of the safe keeping, storage and/or disposal of firearms, imposed on an executor or heir, by the Firearms Control Act and its Regulations

In this day and age, it is quite common for firearms to form part of a deceased person’s estate. It is also quite common for individuals to inherit firearms and/or antique firearms, in terms of a deceased’s Last Will and Testament and/or Interstate Succession. The person nominated to be the executor in a deceased estate […]

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