Civil Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Lease Agreements During #COVID Lockdown – Possible Relief for Retail Rental Sector

The unfolding COVID-19 crisis will have many long-lasting and unforeseen economic impacts on the global economy. Of the many concerns is what a general 21-day lockdown will mean for business enterprises not exempted from the national lockdown. Hardest hit will be SMME’s not yet large enough to have developed long term business continuity practices and […]

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Understanding the law as it relates to promotions at work

Disputes relating to promotional disputes are covered by unfair labour practices as defined in the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (as amended) (“the Act”). Section 186(2) of the Act sets out the grounds of various categories of unfair labour practices, including that of unfair labour practices which relate to promotion. An unfair labour practice […]

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The Voetstoots Clause

All too often individuals buy property with the expectation that they have just found their perfect home, only to later realise that there are hidden ‘skeletons’ buried therein just waiting to make an appearance at some point. Sometimes those skeletons rear their heads and bodies soon after the individual takes residence, other times, long after. […]

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A Lesson in the Timeous Institution of Arbitration Proceedings

Arbitration is steadily on the rise in the developing world.[1] More interesting is that this growth seems to be centered around Africa, or, at least, African parties. The reasons are no doubt compound, but one reason is that Africa is slowly on the rise, economically speaking, and which leads to a high propensity for friction […]

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Is a term undertaking to agree legally enforceable?

In some agreements, most specifically lease agreement (as in a case in point) terms are usually included which state that specific terms shall be negotiated and agreed to between the parties (at a later stage). The question that the Supreme Court Appeal was faced with was whether the specific performance of such a term (to […]

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