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The Regulatory Status Quo of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The South African Cryptocurrency Market Place is currently facing scrutiny and a fair amount of uncertainty as a result of First National Bank (FNB) announcing on 20 November 2019 that they would be shutting down all bank accounts associated with cryptocurrency businesses. The decision will affect all three of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges currently in […]

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The limits of “confidentiality” – with a specific focus on litigious proceedings

Confidential information means any information disclosed in however manner that is commercially sensitive. The best way to explain what it is is perhaps to describe what it is not (generally speaking):   was publicly known and made generally available in the public domain before the time of disclosure by the disclosing party; becomes publicly known […]

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The Role of Directors in the Age of Cybercrime

The exponential development of technology in recent years has meant that cybercrimes are no longer just an occurrence in Hollywood movies. South Africans have been the victims of numerous cyber-breaches exposing their personal information as was the case with the data leak of real estate company Jigsaw Holdings in 2017. Known to be the largest […]

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When can you be held personally liable within your company and how can this be brought about?

Introduction When a corporation is registered, an individualistic entity separate from that of its shareholders is created. This enables the corporation to function under its own name, as a juristic person. This separation is deemed ‘the corporate veil’. However, although incorporation can provide for the limitation of liability of those persons behind the company, this […]

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Privacy Policy

Dispute Resolution in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Whoever controls the courts, controls the state.” Aristotle The courts of ancient Athens were fundamentally democratic with tens, hundreds and in some instances thousands of jurors adjudicating trials. There was no Judge, which role was taken up by the pool of jurors adjudicating at that time. One of the founding principles held dear by Athenians […]

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