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Access to speedy, reliable and affordable legal services is crucial to entrepreneurs. As attorneys, we are in the business of selling time and legal expertise, and obviously to make a decent profit in doing so. For years now, the public’s main objection with how attorneys provide legal solutions has been the time we need to […]

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Share buy-backs and its dividends tax implications

The Companies Act No. 71 of 2008, as amended (“the Act”), provides that a company may acquire its own shares to the extent that it is solvent and liquid, as more fully described in Section 4 of the Act. In essence, a share buy-back is a transaction where a company buys a portion of its […]

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res judicata

The Star: Assessing the merits of alternative dispute resolution

Read our feature in The Star Newspaper, published on 11 August 2017.

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Corporate commercial law : Can the data come back to bite me? If so – how hard?

Due to technological advances, paper based transactions are on the decline in corporate commercial law. Communication and agreements reached are more often recorded on email.  What is more, many documents are not only created digitally, but are signed and stored electronically. So how are you dealing with your data management, its related privacy considerations or, […]

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Can an acknowledgment of indebtedness made without prejudice be admitted as evidence in trial proceedings?

General legal practice prescribes that when an admission is made within a letter, with the result of both parties reaching a mutual agreement, such admission may be made without prejudice. The inferred understanding is that such an admission would not form part of any litigious evidence should the matter end up in court. A debtor […]

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