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Online Shopper Be Aware!

Online shopping, whether it be for goods or services, has segmented its own small part of our reality in recent years. Be it browsing a catalogue or reacting to a social media post of a person complaining that they didn’t get what they paid for; most people are at least familiar with the concept of […]

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#COVID-19: How Darwin, A Pangolin, and A Virus have Impacted the Fiduciary Duties of Directors

Charles Darwin lived in an age of discovery and adventure. He was a well-known and adventurous epicure who, being a member of the ‘Glutton Club’, revelled in the joy of eating different types of animals, the more exotic the better. Darwin travelled the world on the good ship Beagle and weathered many storms in his […]

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Privacy Policy

Weathering #COVID-19: Technology and Business Continuity

During periods of uncertainty, scarcity and general public angst global markets and companies tend to take a knock. The Carona Virus Disease of 2019 (‘COVID’) has already cleared 2.3 Trillion Rand from the JSE[1], and the United Nations Trade Agency estimates that COVID will cost the global economy no less than 1 Trillion Dollars.[2] These […]

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Collection of tuition fees

How #COVID-19 Affects Supply Chain Delivery

As we enter a 21 day nationwide lockdown period as announced by our President, the effects of COVID-19 (hereinafter referred to as “the virus”) on businesses nationwide are starting to rear it’s head at a high impact. Several businesses are seeking advice on a variety of topics, including, but not limited to, the impacts of […]

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#Covid-19: Business Interruption And Public Liability Insurance

 On the backdrop of national lock-downs, government imposed sanitary measures and self-isolation; business owners are left with burning questions and neck-bending deliberations in relation to business survivability and contingency measures. How prepared are we? Have all those “pre-informed” decisions and round-table discussions, in respect of business insurance, provided for the certain periods of business interruption […]

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