Estate Planning

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What next? The business owner’s guide to succession planning

Succession planning? As a business owner with a never-ending To Do list, this is often the last thing on your mind. Also known as continuity planning, it is often regarded as an issue reserved for the big corporates. The reality is that whether it is planned or unplanned, complex or simple, succession planning – or […]

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Excluding inheritance from the consequences of a marriage in community of property

Up until now, many people who are married in community of property have believed that if a property is left to them in a will (only one of the two spouses), it is untouchable and cannot be attached to settle outstanding debts. Allen West, chief deeds trainer in Pretoria investigated this phenomenon and had the […]

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Trusts – a separation of power

The core idea of the trust is the separation of ownership (or control) from the enjoyment. Though a trustee can also be a beneficiary, the central notion is that the person entrusted with control exercises it on behalf of and in the interests of another. This is why the sole trustee cannot also be the […]

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The accrual system and estate planning

The Antenuptial contract excludes a marriage in community of property and may include the application  of the accrual system, or not. Where a marriage includes the application of the accrual system the accrual is calculated at dissolution of the marriage, either by death or divorce. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that  your estate planning makes provision for a […]

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Estate Planning – why do I need it?

Estate planning is a wide field and involves the overall structuring of a person’s wealth through marital contracts, wills, trusts and business planning. Careful planning and drafting of documents and contracts can affect a person’s ability to create and sustain hard earned prosperity. Rich or poor, everyone needs to plan their estates. It can be […]

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