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Servitudes 101

A servitude is described as a limited real right over immovable property. This right is registerable and allows the holder of the servitude to exercise some right over another person’s property. The three most common property servitudes are personal servitudes, praedial servitudes and public servitudes.   Personal Servitudes   A personal servitude is registered against […]

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legalisation, authentication and apostillisation

Difference between Legalisation, Authentication and Apostillisation

Introduction When traveling or emigrating to a country abroad, one would at some point in time come across requirements provided by legalisation, authentication and/or apostillisation and which requirements need to be complied with. But what is the difference between the three?  This article will explain the difference when public documents from South Africa are used […]

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Can foreigners enter into an Antenuptial Contract in South Africa?

Introduction Today, many South Africans are leaving the country and often find love whilst abroad. It has also become quite common for South Africans to decide to come back home to tie the knot and make it official in the presence of their loved ones and close friends. Since Antenuptial Contracts are essential documents that, […]

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Antenuptial Contracts – Part 1 of 3 -Implications of Marriage Out of Community of Property

In the twenty first century many couples are entering into an Antenuptial Contract in order to protect their individual assets and restrict their exposure to liabilities brought on in terms of solemnizing a marriage or civil union in community of property. The specific liabilities one is exposed to as well as the requirements to exercise your rights […]

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notarial bond

Using a Notarial Bond to provide security for the repayment of money lent and advanced

Securing credit is a very sensitive subject as most South Africans have fallen into the trap of loaning money to a friend, family members, a colleague or a business partner with the promise of receiving the full amount plus interest back, in no time. However, the real world is not that simple, and it is […]

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