Registration and Administration of Companies

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Where does a Company Reside and Why does it Matter?

The provision that the court has jurisdiction ‘over all persons residing or being in such area does not enlarge the jurisdiction endowed by the words ’causes arising’. At common law, however, the residence (but not the mere physical presence) of a defendant or respondent within the court’s area of jurisdiction usually enables one to say […]

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Piercing the Corporate Veil – What is it and when can it happen?

Introduction In order to explore the practical application of the piercing of the corporate veil, we need to unpack the nature of the surrounding environment – the company, first. A company can be described as a juristic person that enjoys a separate legal personality, from its members, that has been incorporated in terms of the […]

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What is business rescue?

Introduction As businesses frequently encounter more and more financial difficulties, business rescue has become an increasingly more frequent occurrence. However, it is essential to understand the nature of business rescue and the implications thereof. This article will attempt to give a brief and broad overview of business rescue.  What is Business Rescue? Business rescue is […]

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Voluntary Associations and Non-Profit Companies-what are the differences?

Introduction What is the difference between a Non-Profit Company and a Voluntary Association? This article will explore what is formally required for both, and when may  one be more suitable than the other. While both are not for profit entities, and at face value may appear extremely similar, there are several key distinctions. Overview Section […]

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South African Commercial law: Section 12J venture capital companies continued – Part 2

Last month we unpacked what it means to be a registered Section 12 J Venture Capital Company or VCC in terms of South African Commercial law. We also unpacked the benefits for both Investors and Investees. In summary qualifying Investors will invest in VCC’s in exchange for Venture Capital Shares and Investor Certificates. Investors can […]

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