Registration and Administration of Companies

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The nature and value of shares in private companies

Generally speaking, the shareholders of a company share in the profits of the Company whilst directors manage the day to day business of the Company. It is also commonly accepted that shares (or shareholding in a company) represent the investment made by the shareholder and that similar to earning interest on an investment of money […]

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Shareholder Exit Stratergies

Often when the personal circumstances of the owners or shareholders of a company change drastically, the arrangement(s) in relation to the ownership running of the business/company need to change as well. This in the best interests of the company’s continuity.

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Success Stories in Creating a Sustainable Small Business

Businesses may fail because they fail to limit foreseeable risk and because their ideas are not structured optimally. The three elements below are some of the key considerations in doing business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Entrepreneur Marlon Parker shares his practical insights.

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Ring – Fencing Risk in Order to Ensure Your Business is and Remains Competitive

According to the Oxford dictionary risk is defined as “a situation involving exposure to danger… expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss…” While, according to the Free online dictionary, competitiveness is defined as: “(Business / Commerce) sufficiently low in price or high in quality to be successful against commercial rivals… having a […]

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Entitlement to Remuneration as a Director of a Company

A director of a company may receive remuneration in his capacity as a director of a company (such as fees for attending board and board committee meetings) and may also receive remuneration as an employee of a company (for example, managing director). It is possible that a person may not be an employee of a […]

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