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Implementing a COVID-19 policy in the Workplace

As South Africa has recently entered what is called advanced alert level 3 of the phased approach of opening up of the economy, many businesses are still grappling with the initial financial and operational consequences of the lockdown. As businesses and trade resumes in a heightened State of Disaster with gargantuan increases in COVID-19 infections […]

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Crypto Assets – Some Developments in SA?

A crypto asset is a digital representation of value that is not issued by a central bank but is traded, transferred and stored electronically by natural and legal persons for payment, investment and other forms of utility, and applies cryptography techniques in the underlying technology.   In addition, Crypto Assets are applications that are associated […]

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An Update On Crypto Assets – A Move Towards Regularisation

Although the Blockchain and the various Crypto Assets used on the system are viewed as immensely useful, the official regulatory position of the South African legal system has not yet been established. It may take some time before any official position or regulation will be adopted, but it is refreshing to note that various groups […]

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Privacy During #LockdownSA – A Slippery Slope or A Key to Public Health?

The Government announced that it would be using mobile tracking technology and other methods as a way to combat SARS-CoV- 19 (the Virus) and COVID-19. The tracking and tracing of people with the Virus is vital in the fight against it’s spread. However, amaBhungane, have highlighted that the regulations allowing for the tracking of peoples […]

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Weathering #COVID-19: Technology and Business Continuity

During periods of uncertainty, scarcity and general public angst global markets and companies tend to take a knock. The Carona Virus Disease of 2019 (‘COVID’) has already cleared 2.3 Trillion Rand from the JSE[1], and the United Nations Trade Agency estimates that COVID will cost the global economy no less than 1 Trillion Dollars.[2] These […]

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