Contract drafting – Why should I pay for a contract when I can use a template?

ContractIn practice as attorneys, we often hear clients ask why they should spend any money to have a contact drafted professionally, when they can simply download a template from the internet. Or obtain a very low cost template from their local news agency.

As with all things in life that are for free there is a good reason it is free i.e the quality may be lacking and it is outdated. What is more is that many of these “bargains” proves to be very costly later down the line.

Attorneys often spend hours perfecting an agreement so that it is suited to the needs of their client, the situation at hand and their clients pay them accordingly. This does not mean de facto that professionally drafted agreements are out of the reach of the normal guy on the street. Thus, any professionally agreement will in my own view simply not find its way onto the internet, and if it does, certainly further definitely not for free.

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