In September 2015 – We will be celebrating our 8th year of Excellence!

 29847417-grass-number-8-eight--ecology-eco-friendly-concept-character-typeIn celebration of the envisioned legacy we are building – let us help you build yours!

In line with our values we are inviting feedback and discussion.

Please share your thoughts or comments on our FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn page.

If you do so you will become eligible for a basic will at a reduced rate of R 795.00 (VAT incl),our fee is usually R 1140.00 In addition we are offering a basic testamentary trust at R 2 000.00 (VAT included), our fee is usually R 2850.00.  This is a saving of almost R 1 200.00!

T&C’s: This offer excludes our fee for consultation and file opening.

IMPORTANT: In order to qualify for the discount please send us a screenshot of your post commenting on one of our posts or wishing us well.

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