Rental Housing Amendment Act – How will this impact your lease agreement?

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The Rental Housing Amendment Act (hereafter “the Act”), Act 35 of 2014, has been assented to parliament and signed by the President. The date when the Act will come into operation is yet to be announced. In the meantime, it is important that members of the public and practitioners take note of the amendments. This article will focus on giving a  brief overview of the most important amendments:

  1. Written lease agreements

All lease agreements will be required to be in writing. Template agreements will be made available in all 11 languages. Copies of these agreements are not yet available, but once available we will provide our input.  This is a welcome amendment but template agreements are in our opinion, not the preferred choice. We always propose that tenants and landlords seek the assistance of an attorney to draft an agreement for them to suit their specific needs.

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