The legal aspect of e-tolling

E-tolls ImageThe electronic tolling system (e-tolling) has become a burning issue in the run-up to the 2014 national elections. It is now no longer open for debate that the issue of e-tolls will be used by the political parties to attract votes in one way or the other. The e-tolling process came into effect on the 3rd of December 2013 on Gauteng Freeways.

Gauteng motorists are “tolled” through a system of gantries. These gantries charge people by electronically identifying their number plates of their vehicles as well as their e-tag (if installed) when they drive under them. Each time a vehicle passes a specific toll is charged. The cost is calculated by the specific kilometer distance which the gantry represents.
E-tags are electronic discs which all drivers have been requested by SANRAL to purchase and install in their cars. Those that purchase the e-tag have been offered a reduced toll. Money will be loaded onto these discs and linked to their account either as a debit order or credit card. The failure to pay toll fees is against the law and it is considered a criminal offence in terms of section 27(5) of the South African National Roads Agency Act 7 of 1998. Enforcement thereof will be done in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Act 1977.
It was incorrectly stated in the original article that “E-tags are electronic discs which all drivers have to purchase and install in their cars.” We apologise for the error and thank those that assisted us in rectifying the article.

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