National Wills Week 2008

During July 2008 the firm announced it’s expansion, and relocated to a larger office on 1 September. As part of the

launch, the firm participated in the Cape Law Society’s National Wills Week, a pro bono initiative which took place from 1 to 5 September 2008.

We are proud to announce that we have drafted more than 12 wills free of charge, both in office and at a selected venue in the Lavender Hill Community. This marks our commitment towards uplifting the community by providing access to one of the many vital legal services.

The second week of the launch is marked with the official launch of this website. We invite all our existing and future

clients to visit our new premises and to browse the new website, which will become interactive soon. By implementing a login feature, the firm remains committed to create and sustain additional, effective and reliable channels of communication with our clients, keeping them informed about their legal matters at the convenience of their fingertips.



Lavender Hill, New World

Foundation Centre


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