National Wills Week

Every year the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) conducts a National Wills Week whereby participating attorneys draft wills for members of the public free of charge. Schoeman Attorneys have, for several years running, participated in National Wills Week and this year is no different.

A will is an absolutely vital document that every person should have in place so as to ensure that one’s assets are disposed of in the manner of your choosing after you have passed on. A will, much like retirement funding or health insurance, is one of those things few would debate the importance of but at the same time so many people fail to have one in place. Wills week is your opportunity to have a will professionally drafted at no charge! Make the most of this week and have your will drafted at Schoeman Attorneys and remember your will is your final gift to your loved ones.

Wills Week is aimed at those less fortunate and who have been unable to to afford a professionally drafted will before. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this service to those already in possession of a will or testamentary trust in need of updating.  Wills Week runs from 17-21 September 2012. Please note that we operate on an appointment basis only and that this free service applies to basic wills only.

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