Take note of the new Property Practitioners Bill

On 31 March 2017, the Department of Human Settlements has published the Property Practitioners Bill (hereinafter referred to as “the Bill”) in Government Gazette 40733 (Notice Number 246) for public comment.  The Bill is designed to regulate property practitioners and will repeal the current Estate Agency Affairs Act No. 112 of 1976. In the Bill, […]

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The Impact of the FICA Amendment Bill

The Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Bill, commonly known as the FICA Bill was signed into law during April 2017. The FICA Bill brings about amendments to the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (“FICA”), which aims at combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism. This signing of the FICA Bill has been received […]

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Blackmonday: The impact on your business

As many of you are aware, the announcement by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, on Thursday, 30 March 2017, regarding cabinet reshuffling, caused a great uproar in communities all over South Africa. One community in particular created the “#BlackMonday” movement, captioning on their website “our souls are not for sale”. […]

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Beware of Fake Court Orders

In recent months, scammers have increasingly relied on outright fraudulent court orders issued improperly by the registrar of the court. Some even bearing a court stamp to make the fake order in question appear authentic. Recently, fraudulent divorce orders made headlines. Lately, the same tendency has reared its ugly head in eviction proceedings. In reaction […]

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Discussing the new Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – RSG Rand en Sent – 5 February 2017

Nicolene Schoeman-Louw was again featured  on RSG’s “Rand en Sent” on Sunday, 5 February 2017.  Following the discussion on the best retirement products on the market and how your debt councillor can assist you with your debt storm, she discusses the new Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) and what affect it will have on natural […]

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