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Online Legal Products, Legal Automation and Document Management Solutions

We offer our clients convenient options to automate their repetitive legal document- and agreement needs.


  • It is much more cost effective than employing someone or outsourcing your day to day requirements
  • It reduces time spent on legal administration and contracting
  • Minimising the human error by facilitating the accurate completion and preparation of documents and agreements
  • Ensures consistency and standardisation of legal documents and agreements and thereby helps build a solid reputation
  • Frees up the time of your legal team to focus on more serious matters
  • It ensures that key compliance aspects are addressed and expensive legal bills often resulting from poor administration are significantly minimised

Our solutions

We offer an “out of the box” solution for start-ups, small businesses, SME’s and individuals. For more information about the Contracts4biz platform click here

For larger businesses or if these solutions do not suit your specific needs we offer a bespoke solution.

** In respect of the second option please note that:

Drafting / Editing / Creation and later updates of the Documents and Agreements so required, are estimated on a case by case basis, and are not included in the below costs. For a personalised quote please contact us at automation@schoemanlaw.co.za or enquiries@schoemanlaw.co.za


Setup costs (1 – 5) templates (includes 1 hour onsite training) R 7 250 plus VAT
Setup costs (6 – 10) templates (includes 1 hour onsite training) R 11 500 plus VAT
Setup costs (11 and more) templates (includes 1 hour onsite training) R 21 500 plus VAT


Annual review **excludes actual Drafting/Editing/Creation BUT includes 1.5 hour review meeting and minor optimization (limited to 1 hour) R 6 950
Monthly subscription (12 months) 1 – 5 templates (2 logins) R 975
Monthly subscription (12 months) 6 – 10 templates (2 logins) R 1 695
Monthly subscription (12 months) 11 and more templates (2 logins) R 2 495


Additional onsite training R 1 550 plus VAT per hour
Additional logins (per login per month) R 350 VAT included
Monthly subscription (12 months) to 10 selected templates on SME Self-Service Desk per month (2 logins) R 200 VAT included
Monthly subscription (12 months) to full service on SME Self-Service Desk per month (2 logins) R 249 VAT included

Should you require a quote please complete the below form:

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