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Drawing on the diversity of our professional expertise and areas of specialisation, we provide INNOVATIVE TAILORED SOLUTIONS with the focus on delivering a timely and superior service.

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SchoemanLaw Inc Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries Public is a boutique law firm offering its clients access to high quality online legal documents and agreements, together with a wide range of legal services.

The firm has an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that distinguishes it from other law firms. We apply our first-hand understanding of the challenges facing entrepreneurs (regardless of their business size) to develop proven, practical solutions incorporating legal compliance, risk aversion and business sense. We achieve this by offering clients tailored, yet holistic support comprising of legal gap analysis, the design of tailored legal solutions and the practical implementation thereof through training and automation.

With your personal interests in mind, our ultimate aim is to implement measures that protect the results of your hard work as effectively as possible.

SchoemanLaw Inc

– A leading law firm in Cape Town.

Our Vision
to be an innovative proudly south african law firm of uncompromising integrity that makes a tangible difference.


Fadia Arnold is such a gem! I was dismissed unfairly and needed to appeal the dismissal. I had no legal representative to assist me as the lawyer that was assisting me before advised that he cannot help me further due to unforeseen circumstances. I was completely in panic mode as I had two days to appeal the outcome and fortunately because of Google and existing testimonials, I came across the reviews made about Fadia and I knew that I needed her as my lawyer.

She assisted me in a flash and just by talking to her, I felt so much better as you can hear that she is an expert in the field and can certainly cater for whichever approach that the client wants. She helped me draft my appeal and I was able to take comfort in knowing that she has my best interest at heart as she willingly assisted me after hours and even when on sick leave as her child was ill.

Such service is rare, considering that time was not on my side. Thank you so much and yes, do take up psychology at some point as you really have a way with people:)

Maria Gaoraelwe Marketing Coordinator One of the leading Retail companies

As a company committed to transformation, we worked closely with Mrs Schoeman-Louw and leveraged her invaluable expertise and guidance for our company. Coupling a deep understanding of both the law and the aspirations of the directors, SchoemanLaw lead and navigated us to achieve our legal goals. With patience, Mrs Schoeman-Louw clarified complex legal matters and applied the breadth of her knowledge to our particular situation. We received quality and expedited service on all of our issues with excellent support from the wider team at SchoemanLaw. Their responsiveness and dedication are commendable and sets them apart from others. SchoemanLaw and Mrs Nicolene Schoeman-Louw always had our company’s best interests in mind and I would enthusiastically recommend them as an exceptionally competent and professional legal services provider.

 Jaurez Dorfling Managing Director GEO Data Design (Pty) Ltd

Universal Partnership Agreement

Universal Partnership Agreement

To some, the idea of entering a marriage is an exciting time of their lives and one of the most important decisions in life. And while most people dream of a seamless marriage, there are other couples who choose to enter into an express or tacit agreement to live...

Continuous tenure Insecurity for People in rural South Africa

Continuous tenure Insecurity for People in rural South Africa

Land ownership in indigenous African communities The Xolobeni case recently in the news highlights tenure insecurity in rural South Africa, where government and a local chief granted mining rights against the community’s wishes. Indigenous persons recognise that land...

A quick guide to Restraint of Trade Agreements

A quick guide to Restraint of Trade Agreements

Section 22 of the Constitution gives every citizen the right to choose their trade, occupation, or profession freely. The practise of a trade, occupation, or profession may also be regulated by law. This right is not absolute and can be restricted by means of a...

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