disciplinary hearings

Disciplinary hearings- the correct way to dismiss misbehaving Employees

Many Employers struggle when it comes to dismissing misbehaving Employees. Some Employers do not discipline misbehaving Employees for years. Then suddenly one day when they (the Employer) have had enough of the misbehaving Employee’s behaviour (and all the years of misconduct which they were not disciplined for at all); dismiss them either without following any […]

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Beware – Scam!

We became aware today that SchoemanLaw Inc’s name is being used in the execution of fraudulent loan agreements purporting to be supported by Direct Axis. The sample received today is available here. Categorically, we hereby wish to state and confirm that we have not agreed to any such arrangement and wish to alert members of […]

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social media

Contractual obligations of a social media buy and sell

Most of us are part of at least one “buy and sell” or “second-hand” group on social media platforms like Facebook. What is interesting, is how these sales posts are managed and how many people complain on the same page about paying for a product and the seller disappearing or coming to an agreement with […]

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Monitoring employee communications

Can an employer monitor employee communications?

Employers often provide their employees access to emails, so they may have the necessary tools to complete their work. For this reason, employers assume they have the right to monitor the emails of their employees. However, it is not that simple and clear cut as there are competing rights to be balanced. The employer has […]

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Does a Principal Obligation need to exist prior to the conclusion of a valid Suretyship

When a Credit Loan Agreement is entered into between a Creditor and Debtor, a Surety Agreement is often concluded. A Surety Agreement involves three parties being the Creditor, the Principal Debtor and the Surety. The Surety is an individual that undertakes to bind him or herself as Co-Principal Debtor and to fulfil the obligations of […]

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