antenuptial contract

Recognition of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill: Interim Order of the Constitutional Court becomes final

Introduction The 30th November 2019 marked the last day for Parliament to rectify the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act No. 120 1998 (“the RCMA”) in line with the Interim Order handed down by the Constitutional Court (“the CC”) in Ramuhovhi and Others v President of the Republic of South Africa and Others (CCT194/16) [2017] ZACC […]

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#Metoo – what comes next?

It is the unfortunate state of affairs that sexual harassment in the workplace constantly rears its ugly head, and while it may be near impossible to be rid of it entirely, it is by no means an indication that it should continue.  It is for that reason that it is important for you to know […]

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Collection of tuition fees

A Brief Look at Consumer Rights in Terms of the Consumer Protection Act

 In recent times November has become the favorite month for South African consumers with the adoption of sale specials like Black Friday and Cyber Mondays. Retailers provide massive discounts on their inventories allow for the intake of the latest ranges in the new year. The advantage is a turnover of stock, with suppliers keeping up […]

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HIV Positive Employees and Prospective Employees

South Africans who are positively diagnosed with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) have long been discriminated against in various spheres of life. In particular, HIV positive South Africans find it incredibly difficult to secure gainful employment due to Employers being reluctant to hire them for various reasons, inclusive but not limited to, the fear that HIV […]

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Testamentary Trusts

Independant Schools and Expulsion – Contract and the Constitution

As of 9 January 2019, and estimated 402 141 students were enrolled in the 1966 independent schools scattered throughout South Africa.[1] As such, 3% of all students are in attendance at independent schools. No statistic could be found indicating how many students left the independent school curriculum. However, case law suggests independent schools have the […]

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