Constitutional Court rules that Municipalities should not approve building plans which will devalue your property

Introduction Land and property development has been on the lips of every South African, with every person from any segment of the country trying to gain interest or protect their interests in property. The notion of owning and having access to land is at the core of identity for many South Africans. It represents achievement, […]

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Unpacking the Basic Requirements for Unjustified Enrichment

Introduction Objectively speaking, no person must be allowed to get enriched at the expense of another whether by intent or mistake. In principle, when a person has been impoverished without justification, they can institute an action for restitution. South African law provides relief when one person’s estate is enriched at the expense of another. This […]

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Circumstances in which an unborn child can inherit from a Deceased Estate

Introduction It is often scary to think about the future wellbeing of one’s children and/or grandchildren, once you no longer around. Individuals tend to ensure that their children and/or grandchildren are protected and catered for in their Last Will and Testaments. But what is the position when it comes to unborn children? Are they entitled […]

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Copyright Amendment Bill

Key Changes introduced by the Copyright Amendment Bill

On Thursday 28 March 2019, The National Council of Provinces voted to pass the Copyright Amendment Bill (“the Bill”) and the President must now sign it into law. The commencement date has yet to be published in the Government Gazette. According to the Spokesperson for the Coalition for Effective Copyright in South Africa, Collen Dlamini, […]

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Property Practitioners Bill

Overview of the Property Practitioners Bill

Introduction The estate agency industry and the property industry more broadly is set to see significant changes with the introduction of the Property Practitioners Bill. The Bill will replace and repeal the current Estate Agency Affairs Act 112 of 1976 (hereinafter referred to as the “Estate Agency Act”). This will leave many people wondering what […]

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