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strikeThe family unit is one of society’s most important sets of relationships. Our services and dedicated support assists families to navigate their way through some of the most difficult challenges facing families, whether it concerns the maintenance or custody of minor children, antenuptial contracts, post nuptial agreements or divorce.

Our service also includes Shariah Family law advice. Holding fast to family ties is one of the foremost obligations of any Muslim. We encourage and support all our clients when faced with challenges to the family home which includes divorce and the parents’ relationships with their children after divorce.

Safeguard the most prized aspect of life and work with an attorney you can trust.

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* Choosing the “right fit” attorney is an important matter! We fully appreciate this and therefore offer a reasonably priced and commitment free initial consultation (R900 VAT included per initial consultation), so you can ensure you have found the “right fit” before contracting legal work! Should you choose us, this fee forms part of the Antenuptial Contract Fee (outlined in the rate card) but is in addition to our Family law service fee (outlined in the rate card) and is not in addition to that fee! Call us today!

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antenuptial contract

Recognition of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill: Interim Order of the Constitutional Court becomes final

Introduction The 30th November 2019 marked the last day for Parliament to rectify the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act No. 120 1998 (“the RCMA”) in line with the Interim Order handed down by the Constitutional Court (“the CC”) in Ramuhovhi and Ot …

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Recent Changes – Government Pension Funds and Divorce Settlements

Government employees who are members of the Government Employees Pension Fund (‘GEPF’) can breathe a sigh of relief, as their pension interest will no longer be subject to the ‘debt’ approach when distributing pension interest when enforcing terms of a …

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3D printing

Damages: Breach of promise to marry

Often people are bullied to believe that the breach of a promise to marry may not only be humiliating but may also hold serious financial implications for the guilty party. It’s often said amongst people that engagement is a contract, two parties mutua …

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antenuptial contract

Avoid costly void, voidable and putative marriages

Introduction A marriage which is void ab initio (as if it never existed) does not affect the status of the parties or confer any of the consequences of civil marriage on the parties or their children or does it? Perhaps your spouse used a “ring” to sha …

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Class Action

Right of Unmarried Natural Fathers to be Recognised on Birth Certificates

Introduction   Traditionally, unmarried natural mothers have enjoyed a particular privilege over unmarried natural fathers in terms of the recognition of their parental responsibilities and rights. However, with the dynamics of society changing, it has …

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Mediation – is it an Alternative to Litigation?

Mediation can be described as a flexible process conducted in confidentiality, in which a neutral third party actively assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement of a dispute or difference. This article seeks to explore whether Mediation …

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Rule 43 Maintenance Orders cannot be Appealed – is this Constitutional?

Introduction Rule 43 of the High Court rules provides a mechanism for a litigant in divorce proceedings to approach the court for an order granting them an interim child and/or spousal maintenance pending finalization of the divorce. It is well establi …

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Traveling with Minors: What are your rights?

What happens in the case of parents that wish to emigrate or travel with their minor child without the other parent? Do you need consent from the other parent? If they do not consent, what legal recourse do you have?   Introduction In 2015 regulat …

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Muslim Marriages

Your guide to Maintenance of Children

The duty to support a child rests commonly on both parents and must be shared between them according to their means, to provide for clothing, housing, medical care, education, and recreation (where applicable). Section 15(3)(iii) of the Maintenance Act …

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News item: Can Childcare and Foster grants be used as proof of income in credit applications?

A matter came before the National Consumer Tribunal (the NCT) where JMK Loans were using applicants’ childcare and foster grants as proof of income in their credit applications. The evidence showed that JMK Loans extended credit to consumers who receiv …

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Antenuptial agreement

Customary Marriages and the Division of the Joint Estate

Introduction It is a common problem in South Africa, particularly in rural areas, that when spouses to a Customary Marriage institute divorce, the husband indicates an unwillingness to accept the division of the matrimonial property. In most cases, peo …

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Muslim Marriages

The clock is ticking for Muslim Marriages Bill to be passed

  Introduction The judgment in Women’s Legal Centre Trust v President of the Republic of South Africa and Others, Faro v Bignham N.O. and Others, Esau v Esau and Others 2018 (6) SA 598 (WCC) echoes the decades long frustration of Parties to Muslim …

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