Insurance law

The purpose of insurance is to create financial security during the unforeseen times in life. It is thus a crucial aspect in our everyday personal or business lives, and sometimes the complexities of the laws and regulations governing this can be quite daunting. Our main aim is to assist our clients to limit risk and  find security in uncertain times.

We offer expert advice on the content and implications of specific insurance policies, their tax implications, provide legal advice on estate planning and risk management strategies as well as resolving any related disputes involving insurance law.

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Update: Business Interruption Insurance And The Covid 19 National Lockdown

 There has been enough said on the negative effects experienced in the commercial sector as a result of the Covid-19 National Lockdown. However, as we move through the various stages restrictions and inadvertently, peaks and troughs in productivity; it …

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#Covid-19: Am I Covered For Medical Expenses?

If not by experience; we all have at least heard one recollection of an event from a friend, colleague or family member, where a medical aid scheme has rejected cover for a specified medicine or medical procedure. The Covid-19 virus and its associated …

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#Covid-19: Business Interruption And Public Liability Insurance

 On the backdrop of national lock-downs, government imposed sanitary measures and self-isolation; business owners are left with burning questions and neck-bending deliberations in relation to business survivability and contingency measures. How prepare …

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mental health

Workmens’ Compensation and Employees’ health and safety during #Covid19 #LockdownSA

Amid the lockdown imposed in South Africa, the pressure on businesses who are still trading and operating due to being deemed an essential service is going to be immense, particularly small businesses that render essential services. To check whether yo …

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Collection of tuition fees

Injuries or illness sustained at work – unpacked

I will refer to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act Number 130 of 1993 as “COIDA”. An injury at work can be highly stressful, specifically in the context of the current economic climate, this can ravage livelihoods and the fact …

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Living and Conducting your Business with minimal risk

Introduction The principle of insurance has been with us for ages and has developed into a complex problem that sometimes trips up even the smartest people. Nonetheless insuring us against all the uncertain perils that life or business can throw at us …

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Introduction   In the area of insurance law, the doctrine of subrogation can be best described as an insurer claiming against a third party for an insured loss suffered by an insured person. The claim against the third party would be on behalf of the i …

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Micro-Insurance In South Africa

Introduction Micro-Insurance refers to an area of cover made accessible to low-income individuals. The idea of Micro-Insurance is to offer a less expensive way for individuals to protect themselves against loss or damage. With there being more involvem …

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Insurance claim rejected! Reasons for rejection

A vehicle insurance policy is essentially nothing more than an agreement between an insurer and an insured, which stipulates that for a premium payment every month by the insured the insurer will pay any damage to the insured (or third party’s) vehicle …

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Trusts as Shareholders and Buy and Sell Agreements

In a previous article the use of trusts in companies as valuable BBBEE planning strategies was highlighted; specifically from a compliance perspective. Using trusts as estate planning vehicles mainly to house shareholding has become an equally effectiv …

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What next? The business owner’s guide to succession planning

Succession planning? As a business owner with a never-ending To Do list, this is often the last thing on your mind. Also known as continuity planning, it is often regarded as an issue reserved for the big corporates. The reality is that whether it is p …

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