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Difference between Legalisation, Authentication and Apostillisation

Introduction When traveling or emigrating to a country abroad, one would at some point in time come across requirements provided by legalisation, authentication and/or apostillisation and which requirements need to be complied with. But what is the difference between the three?  This article will explain the difference when public documents from South Africa are used […]

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Notarial Authentication – What you need to know

In short, the authentication by a notary of the signature on a document will be required where the document is signed in one country for use in another, accordingly, by authenticating a document the notary will attest to the authenticity of the signatory who signed the document in his/her presence. The most important factor to […]

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Notarial Authentications

Often documents must be certified by a Notary or it must be signed (executed or attested) in the presence of a Notary (often referred to as notarisation or notarial authentication) and thereafter further authenticated for use abroad. This is where obtaining an apostille certificate becomes relevant and/or even a further certificate from the department of […]

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