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Zoning regulations for businesses run in residential areas

If you are contemplating setting up a business in a residential area or from your home, you will need to understand all the relevant regulations regarding the zoning of your property to ensure that you are complying with the bylaws of your council. Unless you’ve taken the time to thoroughly investigate your city zoning regulations, you’re […]

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Some practical considerations when starting or building a successful business enterprise

As the future of an economy, businesses are the future of a country. It is therefore very important that each business owner recognises their responsibility to greater society while they are considering their personal goals. The unfortunate reality is however, that many businesses under-perform or die before they have actually lived because of poor planning. […]

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Estate Planning – why do I need it?

Estate planning is a wide field and involves the overall structuring of a person’s wealth through marital contracts, wills, trusts and business planning. Careful planning and drafting of documents and contracts can affect a person’s ability to create and sustain hard earned prosperity. Rich or poor, everyone needs to plan their estates. It can be […]

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