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Condonation Applications at the CCMA-What Employers should know

Introduction The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (hereafter referred to as “CCMA”) was established so that Employees will have a forum whereby they can refer their disputes to. The CCMA would then attempt by conciliating, mediating and arbitrating to resolve the dispute between the Employees and their Employers. The CCMA Rules determine the time […]

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Monitoring employee communications

Can an employer monitor employee communications?

Employers often provide their employees access to emails, so they may have the necessary tools to complete their work. For this reason, employers assume they have the right to monitor the emails of their employees. However, it is not that simple and clear cut as there are competing rights to be balanced. The employer has […]

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A Brief Overview of Legal Representation at the CCMA

In terms of Rule 25 of the Rules for the Conduct of Proceedings before the CCMA, legal practitioners are excluded from the CCMA conciliation proceedings. However, in terms of the CCMA arbitration proceedings a party to a dispute may appear in person or may be represented by a legal practitioner. The right to legal representation […]

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