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Piercing the Corporate Veil – What is it and when can it happen?

Introduction In order to explore the practical application of the piercing of the corporate veil, we need to unpack the nature of the surrounding environment – the company, first. A company can be described as a juristic person that enjoys a separate legal personality, from its members, that has been incorporated in terms of the […]

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Blackmonday: The impact on your business

As many of you are aware, the announcement by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, on Thursday, 30 March 2017, regarding cabinet reshuffling, caused a great uproar in communities all over South Africa. One community in particular created the “#BlackMonday” movement, captioning on their website “our souls are not for sale”. […]

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The Business Judgement Rule – what directors need to know

By accepting their appointment to the position, directors imply that they will perform their duties to a certain standard, and it is a reasonable assumption that every director will apply his or her particular skills, experience and intelligence to the advantage of the company. Section 76 of the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 (“the […]

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Update: Regional Business Achiever Awards (RBAA) 2012

We are very honoured that our Ms Schoeman has been nominated and is a finalist in this year’s prestigious Regional Business Achiever Awards (RBAA). Hosted by the Businesswomen’s Association (BWA), the awards are designed to applaud and celebrate the achievements of some of South African’s most successful businesswomen. The awards ceremony and breakfast will be […]

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