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The nature and value of shares in private companies

Generally speaking, the shareholders of a company share in the profits of the Company whilst directors manage the day to day business of the Company. It is also commonly accepted that shares (or shareholding in a company) represent the investment made by the shareholder and that similar to earning interest on an investment of money […]

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Are foreign companies required to register as external companies?

Which foreign companies should register as external companies? What are the requirements of registration and what are the ramifications if the company fails to register? In terms of the Companies Act of 2008 (the “Act”), a foreign company is distinguished from an external company by the nature of its registration requirements. A foreign company is […]

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The new Companies Act, what are the implications?

The new Companies Act 71 of 2008, replaces the Companies Act of 1973, will result in significant changes to Company law in South Africa. Some aspects of interest were published in an article by Michael Katz in De Rebus, January / February 2010 : <read more>   There are many medicines. Certain medicines are popular. […]

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