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Claiming for diminution in value of shareholding

Introduction Can a shareholder claim for the loss he or she suffered as a result of diminution in the value of his or her shares? This is the question the Supreme Court of Appeal had to answer in the case of Itzikowitz v Absa Bank Ltd (20729/2014) [2016] ZASCA 43. Facts The facts of the […]

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Some practical considerations when starting or building a successful business enterprise

As the future of an economy, businesses are the future of a country. It is therefore very important that each business owner recognises their responsibility to greater society while they are considering their personal goals. The unfortunate reality is however, that many businesses under-perform or die before they have actually lived because of poor planning. […]

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Business rescue – the effects on sureties, some general remarks

Business rescue, applied before a company is liquidated, is a less restrictive measure than judicial management. It is a new concept introduced by the Companies Act of 2008 and aims to aid a company which appears unlikely (reasonably) to pay all its debts as they become due within the next six months. Because there are […]

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