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Constitutional Court rules that Municipalities should not approve building plans which will devalue your property

Introduction Land and property development has been on the lips of every South African, with every person from any segment of the country trying to gain interest or protect their interests in property. The notion of owning and having access to land is at the core of identity for many South Africans. It represents achievement, […]

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Cannabis- Is it legal to consume it in the workplace?

The recent Constitutional Court judgment legalising the consumption of cannabis by adults in their own homes, changed the South African landscape forever. ACJ Zondo stated that: “the right to privacy entitles an adult person to use or cultivate or possess cannabis in private for his or her own personal consumption to the extent that the […]

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The Constitutional Court legalises the private use of marijuana

The Constitutional Court handed down an unanimous judgment on 18 September 2018 that now makes it legal for adults to cultivate and smoke marijuana in the comfort of their own homes. This was greeted by much jubilation inside the Court Room as well as outside. Many Activists have been campaigning for years to have the […]

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The application of the common law rule of suspension of the operation of an order of the court a quo, when making application for leave to appeal to the Constitutional Court

In terms of the common law an application for leave to appeal suspends the order against which leave to appeal is sought, but does this rule apply to applications for leave to appeal to the Constitutional Court as well?   <read more> There are many medicines. Certain medicines are pop. Other treat peculiar ailment like […]

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