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Unwanted Direct Marketing and your Right to Refuse

Introduction A situation that almost every consumer has experienced has been that of receiving an unwanted phone call from a telemarketer. The conversation is carried out with the intention of selling you a product or service and is essentially a sales pitch. As a consumer, do you know your rights to refuse your information being […]

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Returns Policy and the Consumer Protection Act

A supplier of goods usually dictates the terms and conditions of sale and includes the returns policy applicable. When constructing these terms and conditions, it is important to keep the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (the CPA) in mind, as they apply irrespective of the store refund policy. There are a number of sections in […]

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The Consumer Protection Act – general aspects and application

The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 or CPA has been the topic of much discussion lately. This piece of legislating will introduce and set both standards and measures of enforcement related to consumer rights, a new concept to the South African legal system. Although the general effective date of the Act has been deferred […]

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