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Property Practitioners Bill

When to use an Agency or a Distribution Agreement

When deciding whether you should use an Agency or a Distribution Agreement – the main question a business owner should ask is whether the person or Company you are appointing will be acting as an Agent or a Distributor. An Agent relationship comes into existence where the Agent obtains permission from the Supplier to market, […]

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social media

Contractual obligations of a social media buy and sell

Most of us are part of at least one “buy and sell” or “second-hand” group on social media platforms like Facebook. What is interesting, is how these sales posts are managed and how many people complain on the same page about paying for a product and the seller disappearing or coming to an agreement with […]

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construction contracts

Guarantees in construction contracts

In the construction industry, as with many other industries, guarantees are used as security for the payment of compensation and to secure the performance of the obligations of the employer and/or the contractor in the underlying building contract. In construction contracts, it is far more common to secure the performance of the obligations of the […]

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terms and conditions

The importance of tailor made T&C’s for your online business

Should you decide to run an online business, it is of the utmost importance that you have a well-drafted and tailor made Terms and Conditions (T&C’s) of sale or service to fit your business’ specific needs. Many businesses, whether they trade on or offline, make these available on their website. Naturally, for your online business […]

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The bells and whistles of employment contracts-know your way around yours

It’s that time of year where you’ve just landed a new job and your new employer has provided you with a new employment contract to sign. Before signing the employment contract and celebrating it, it is important to understand the contents of your employment contract. Broadly speaking an employment contract is: A voluntary agreement; Between […]

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