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Cybercrimes Bill

A Brief Look at the Cybercrimes Bill

Introduction Government decided to address the ongoing debate around security and technology by publishing the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill, now known as the Cybercrimes Bill (hereafter referred to as ‘the Bill’). The Bill is meant to create new offences when it comes to electronic communication and to stipulate the penalties thereof but is this Bill […]

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App Developer

Cyber Crime and South Africa’s Laws

Cyber Crime in South Africa has recently become an increased concern, especially after the Liberty incident during June 2018. South Africa, like most countries around the globe, has taken a stand against Cyber crime and placed a focus on Cyber security by drafting a Bill published in the Government Gazette No. 40487 on 9 December […]

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What happens to your Cryptocurrency when you pass away?

What seemed to be a completely foreign concept just a few years ago, is now a reality for most investors. Cryptocurrency is a virtual form of money that is protected by indestructible Cryptography which makes it a secure way to store wealth and investments. Cryptocurrencies are unique in the sense that their blockchain technology is […]

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