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work permit

Being in possession of a valid work permit- is it an operational requirement?

Introduction                                                                                                               […]

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mental health

Mental health in the work place – the Jansen case

Introduction Whilst society in general is moving towards being more open regarding mental health, this is not always the case in the work place. There are many Employees who may suffer from mental illnesses but due to intangible symptoms, are not easily recognized. Once this condition does become known to the Employer, they must appreciate […]

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Pregnant Employees

Automatic Unfair Dismissals- Pregnancy and Employment

We are celebrating Women’s month in August. As such it is always good to reflect on how far we have come as a nation since thousands of brave women marched to the Union Buildings on the 9th of August 1956. But the question remains – how far have we really come and are our South […]

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sexual harassment

#WOMENSMONTH – Part One Series: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – Know your Rights as an Employee!

  In South Africa, it is far more common for female employees to fall victim to Sexual Harassment in the workplace. They are often too afraid to speak up or break the silence out of fear of losing their jobs. It is important for all female employees to be aware of the fact that there […]

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Class Action

Retirement- Can your Employer unilaterally change your retirement age?

“When they finally let me retire I want to be a full-time artist”. Nelson Mandela said after agreeing to paint for charity in 2001. Most South Africans believe that they will retire upon reaching the age of 65. They plan and structure their estates according to that. What does the law in South Africa determine? Can […]

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