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Labour Relations Act

Strikes and Lock-Outs: The Rights of Employees and Employers

The Labour Relations Act 66 of 1997 as amended (hereinafter referred as to the “LRA”), regulates the law relating to strikes and lock-outs. The LRA provides and outlines the rights and protection provided to Employees who decide to embark on strike action. Furthermore, the LRA sets out the Employer’s recourse where his/her Employees embark on […]

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Monitoring employee communications

Can an employer monitor employee communications?

Employers often provide their employees access to emails, so they may have the necessary tools to complete their work. For this reason, employers assume they have the right to monitor the emails of their employees. However, it is not that simple and clear cut as there are competing rights to be balanced. The employer has […]

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Labour law false allegations

What is polygraph testing and is it admissible in South Africa?

In recent times, polygraph testing has been used more commonly. It was previously only used in the United States of America where it is regulated by legislation. In South Africa, it is frequently used in the Private Security Industry by Employers to dismiss employees that make themselves guilty of dishonest behaviour. There are numerous misconceptions […]

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When am I regarded as an employee?

The signing of an offer of employment generally signifies the beginning of a contractual relationship between an employer and employee in labour law. Legislation that stipulates the rights of both the employer and employee after the signing of the offer of acceptance or the commencement of work in a new position, has become murky for […]

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Legislative action taken against unemployment – The Employment Services Act

The Employment Services Act was assented to by the President on 3 April 2014, is aimed at addressing the gross unemployment levels in South Africa.  The new act aims to repeal all the employment services provisions contained in the Skills Development Act (1998) and to provide for a range of measures to promote employment and […]

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