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Crowdfunding in South Africa

Introduction In the digital age, everyone is more connected than ever before. This means that we all have access to an audience we have not previously been able to access. This is more so in the case of raising funds. Many Entrepreneurs have great ideas for businesses but require capital. Many now make use of […]

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Collection of tuition fees

Barriers preventing the South African Youth from becoming Entrepreneurs

With South Africa’s high level on unemployment, South Africa’s Youth is encouraged to become Entrepreneurs. It is stated that to be successful one must work for oneself. Your Matric Certificate will not guarantee obtaining employment. Many South African Youth turn to crime when there is no other alternative to earn a living. The 2015 Global […]

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The official launch of the SchoemanLaw SME Self – Service Desk TM

We are happy to announce the official launch of the SchoemanLaw SME Self – Service DeskTM! Our subscription users can now also enjoy the following value-added services: • Business Doctors’ Business Health Check and • access to Accountability Group and Accountability Solutions for risk mitigation and collections facilitation. We believe the time is now for […]

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Meet the online legal thinking and solution you can trust – let us lead you into the future!

Access to speedy, reliable and affordable legal services is crucial to entrepreneurs. As attorneys, we are in the business of selling time and legal expertise, and obviously to make a decent profit in doing so. For years now, the public’s main objection with how attorneys provide legal solutions has been the time we need to […]

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Business owners beware: ignore succession planning at your peril

A recent newspaper article by Basil Leonard, from the Centre for Leadership Studies at Stellenbosch University Business School, once again put the need for carefully considered succession strategies under the spotlight.   In his article, Leonard cited resignations and death as two events that trigger the implementation of succession plans in a business. On a […]

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