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Mitigating the Financial Impact of #Covid-19 and the Nationwide #Lockdown on Employers and Employees

When the initial 21-day nationwide lock down was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa in March 2020, the financial impact on South African Employers and Employees at that stage had not yet been evident to the extent that it is now as we enter the final days of what seemed to be the never ending month […]

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Retrenchment and Employment Related Claims post #lockdownSA – Prepare your Business

Employers, from large corporations to small to medium entrepreneurs and businesses have had no alternative but to implement short time work, reduce salaries, place Employees on unpaid leave as a no work no pay circumstance during the lockdown, or regrettably have had to resort to retrenchment of their Employees as a direct result of the […]

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Short Time Work as an alternative to Retrenchment during the #COVID-19 pandemic

Many Employers, despite the sudden economic downturn due to the COVID-19 pandemic, do not wish to retrench their Employees due to various reasons, inclusive but not limited to; Employees working for the Employer for years if not decades, loyal and hardworking Employees and Employees who have families to financially support as well as other financial […]

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Mental health in the work place – the Jansen case

Introduction Whilst society in general is moving towards being more open regarding mental health, this is not always the case in the work place. There are many Employees who may suffer from mental illnesses but due to intangible symptoms, are not easily recognized. Once this condition does become known to the Employer, they must appreciate […]

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