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Travelling with minor children? The impact of the new requirement for travelling with an unabridged birth certificate has on tourism…

The Department of Home Affairs, South Africa, has recently issued new requirements for travelling with minor children. The news has been flooded with unsuspecting tourists entering into South Africa without the necessary documentation and potentially facing deportation. Whilst South Africans wishing to travel internationally face the Department of Home Affairs backlog in issuing unabridged birth […]

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Legislative action taken against unemployment – The Employment Services Act

The Employment Services Act was assented to by the President on 3 April 2014, is aimed at addressing the gross unemployment levels in South Africa.  The new act aims to repeal all the employment services provisions contained in the Skills Development Act (1998) and to provide for a range of measures to promote employment and […]

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Business Rescue Proceedings and Suretyships

One of the concepts introduced by the Companies Act 2008 is Business Rescue proceedings. These proceedings provide for financially distressed companies a prospective outcome to remain commercially viable entities.   The focus of this article is to consider the implications creditors face in these hard times. If one of your customers runs up a substantial debt […]

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