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Cybercrimes Bill

The Star: Formidable legal challenges face smaller Entrepreneurs

Read our feature in The Star Newspaper, published on 23 March 2018.

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Lost or Destroyed Title Deeds

Property law in South Africa : Voetstoots rehashed – what about building plans?

In terms of property law in South Africa, many disputes have arisen from the fact that purchasers and sellers of properties do not understand what the voetstoots clause actually means. To buy “voetstoots”, means that the buyer is buying the property “as it stands”. In other words, with defects and all. Naturally this situation is […]

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Wills, Trusts and Estates: The Importance of reviewing a trust

Despite the skepticism with which they are viewed by SARS and the ever-tightening regulatory environment, trusts remain invaluable tools in estate planning. Especially if they are setup to serve a well-planned and predefined purpose.   Another misconception, is that once you have setup a trust no amendment is ever needed in future, or that the […]

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The relationship between your will and antenuptial contract explained

What enjoys preference? Your antenuptial contract or will?   We have always maintained that an antenuptial contract is like the foundation to building a home. This is because, it dictates your financial future after marriage during your life, how you transact with third parties and further equally importantly directs how your assets will be distributed […]

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The nature and value of shares in private companies

Generally speaking, the shareholders of a company share in the profits of the Company whilst directors manage the day to day business of the Company. It is also commonly accepted that shares (or shareholding in a company) represent the investment made by the shareholder and that similar to earning interest on an investment of money […]

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