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Important Aspects Concerning Written Warnings

Introduction    It is every Employer’s wish to maintain order within the workplace and to give all Employees a chance to correct their actions when disciplinary issues arise. However, inevitably so, there may come a time when an Employer has to undergo the unpleasant experience of having to issue a written warning to an Employee.  This […]

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Labour law false allegations

Failure by an Employee to give proper notice upon resignation

Introduction Employment Contracts should set out the notice period which an Employee must give if he/she wants to terminate employment. This is due to the fact that a failure to give proper notice of the termination of employment can have dire consequences for an Employer. This undesirable practice usually happens when an Employee wants to […]

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work permit

Being in possession of a valid work permit- is it an operational requirement?

Introduction                                                                                                               […]

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Consensus improperly obtained- can an innocent party be bound to the Contract?

Introduction Many Individuals and Business Entities enter into different Contracts for various reasons such as protecting their businesses against unscrupulous Individuals and Juristic Persons, minimising or solving disputes and/ or to create certainty.  A Contract can be entered into orally, in writing, or in any other form should the law not prescribe a mandatory form […]

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