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Schools Closed! To Reopen on Announced Timeline 

The recent announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa that schools will be closed and re-opening in accordance with a pre-determined schedule, has once again resulted in significant debate and discussion by all those affected, during the current Covid-19 pandemic.   With South Africa now having the fifth highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases globally, the public outcry for schools […]

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Update: Business Interruption Insurance And The Covid 19 National Lockdown

 There has been enough said on the negative effects experienced in the commercial sector as a result of the Covid-19 National Lockdown. However, as we move through the various stages restrictions and inadvertently, peaks and troughs in productivity; it is important to assess our reactions to these effects and whether these reactions, across the board, […]

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Online Shopper Be Aware!

Online shopping, whether it be for goods or services, has segmented its own small part of our reality in recent years. Be it browsing a catalogue or reacting to a social media post of a person complaining that they didn’t get what they paid for; most people are at least familiar with the concept of […]

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#Covid-19: Am I Covered For Medical Expenses?

If not by experience; we all have at least heard one recollection of an event from a friend, colleague or family member, where a medical aid scheme has rejected cover for a specified medicine or medical procedure. The Covid-19 virus and its associated heightened risk of infection and potentially life-threatening implications forces closer consideration of […]

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The Importance of Due Diligence

Amongst growing labour and financial concerns, commercial enterprises are also faced with the added exertion of ensuring that they perform the necessary due diligence in respect of their transactions and the establishment of business relations. Due diligence in general terms, refers to the act of conducting comprehensive legal analysis in respect of a party’s compliance […]

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