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Sale of Property: Compliance Certificates

When immovable property is in the process of being sold, there are certain compliance certificates that are necessary to obtain before the transfer can be registered. Some of these certificates are obligatory in terms of legislation, depending on the particulars of the property and type of transaction. Types of certificates:  Electrical certificate of compliance: Electrical […]

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Withholding tax when dealing with a non-resident seller

Generally speaking, capital gains tax is normally payable on the proceeds of sales of immovable property. However, the enforcement and payment of this have proven problematic, particularly when sales of immovable property concerns non-residents. From the South African Revenue Services’ (“SARS”) perspective; it has been always been extremely problematic to ensure proper and fair compliance […]

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Circumstances surrounding the deposit when purchasing immovable property

One of the most controversial issues in purchasing an immovable property today is the situation where the sale does not proceed. Does the seller or purchaser have the right to the deposit?  The answer to this question is not that easy or as simple as many sellers, buyers and estate agents wish to believe. In […]

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