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An Update On Crypto Assets – A Move Towards Regularisation

Although the Blockchain and the various Crypto Assets used on the system are viewed as immensely useful, the official regulatory position of the South African legal system has not yet been established. It may take some time before any official position or regulation will be adopted, but it is refreshing to note that various groups […]

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#COVID-19: How Darwin, A Pangolin, and A Virus have Impacted the Fiduciary Duties of Directors

Charles Darwin lived in an age of discovery and adventure. He was a well-known and adventurous epicure who, being a member of the ‘Glutton Club’, revelled in the joy of eating different types of animals, the more exotic the better. Darwin travelled the world on the good ship Beagle and weathered many storms in his […]

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The Importance of Due Diligence

Amongst growing labour and financial concerns, commercial enterprises are also faced with the added exertion of ensuring that they perform the necessary due diligence in respect of their transactions and the establishment of business relations. Due diligence in general terms, refers to the act of conducting comprehensive legal analysis in respect of a party’s compliance […]

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The Last Will and Testament – A Story for the Blockchain and Tokenisation

A person’s last Will and testament, best to refer to as a Will, embodies a representation of all that a person is worth. In a more profound sense, Wills represent a person’s accomplishments and are a measure of one’s value and contribution to one’s friends, family and society. For this reason, Will’s, since first used […]

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The 2020 Budget Speech

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his budget speech on 26 February 2020 painting a rather bleak view of the current and future economic climate in South Africa. With inflation and our budget deficit said to increase at a remarkable rate in comparison to economic growth, what are the positives to be taken away and how […]

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