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Is any dispute referable to Arbitration?

Introduction     As attorneys, we often include dispute resolution provisions in the agreements we draft for our clients. In many instances, alternative dispute resolution is a powerful way in which to resolve an array of different disputes.   Advantages include: the confidentiality of the process, often being less formal, and it is generally faster […]

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Copyright Amendment Bill

Curbing Abuse of the Sick Leave System

Introduction It is no secret that the abuse of the Sick Leave System by Employees has had devastating economic effects and management challenges on companies. Without Employees being present at work, many businesses cannot function, and in those instances, Employers run at a loss. Employees might be under the impression that in instances where they […]

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mental health

What is business rescue?

Introduction As businesses frequently encounter more and more financial difficulties, business rescue has become an increasingly more frequent occurrence. However, it is essential to understand the nature of business rescue and the implications thereof. This article will attempt to give a brief and broad overview of business rescue.  What is Business Rescue? Business rescue is […]

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Finalist: 2019 Standard Bank Top Woman Awards – Female Young Achiever Award and Top Gender Empowered Company

We are a finalist for the 2019 Standard Bank Top Woman Awards in the Top Female Young Achiever Award (Nicolene Schoeman-Louw) as well as the Top Gender Empowered Company: Diversity & Inclusion Award categories.   Over the past 16 years, we have been committed to creating the best platform for the recognition of women leaders and […]

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News item: Can Childcare and Foster grants be used as proof of income in credit applications?

A matter came before the National Consumer Tribunal (the NCT) where JMK Loans were using applicants’ childcare and foster grants as proof of income in their credit applications. The evidence showed that JMK Loans extended credit to consumers who received child support and foster care social grants. The purpose of the childcare and foster grants was […]

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