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What makes you the owner of shares?

Often a company’s shareholding is not clear to a layman and even though you might be in possession of a share certificate, you might not necessarily be the valid owner of any shares. What a misconception to be held under. These types of situations arise especially in the BBBEE spectrum where someone is made to […]

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What are phantom shares? How can it be applied to enhance BBBEE scores?

One often hears talk about companies issuing so called “phantom shares” or sometimes even simply called a different class such as Class A, B or C Shares.  Phantom shares are the mechanisms that companies use to incentivise their participants in order to align the participant’s objectives with that of a shareholder.   A phantom share gives […]

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Claiming for diminution in value of shareholding

Introduction Can a shareholder claim for the loss he or she suffered as a result of diminution in the value of his or her shares? This is the question the Supreme Court of Appeal had to answer in the case of Itzikowitz v Absa Bank Ltd (20729/2014) [2016] ZASCA 43. Facts The facts of the […]

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