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In September 2015 – We will be celebrating our 8th year of Excellence!

 In celebration of the envisioned legacy we are building – let us help you build yours! In line with our values we are inviting feedback and discussion. Please share your thoughts or comments on our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page. If you do so you will become eligible for a basic will at a reduced rate of R […]

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Some practical considerations when starting or building a successful business enterprise

As the future of an economy, businesses are the future of a country. It is therefore very important that each business owner recognises their responsibility to greater society while they are considering their personal goals. The unfortunate reality is however, that many businesses under-perform or die before they have actually lived because of poor planning. […]

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Suspensive conditions in contracts of sale of immovable property

When a contract is subject to a suspensive condition, the contract comes into effect only if the condition is met. On a practical level, this can entail a future event such as a deposit payment, securing a loan or even conditions such as graduating from university to receive a bonus payment. Suspensive conditions are commonly […]

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