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The Given Nkwane Case – Can the Bank sell your home to recover Mortgage Debt?

Today, most people cannot afford to purchase Immoveable Property (hereinafter referred to as “property”) without applying for a home loan to a bank and/or financial institution. If the purchase of the property is subject to mortgage bond approval, it allows the Purchaser to apply for a home loan by using the property as security. The […]

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The execution process and the effect that judgment may have on a debtor’s moveable and/or immovable property

Once a judgment has been obtained against a Debtor through action proceedings, the Debtor is obliged to settle the judgment debt or make an arrangement with the Creditor to pay off the said debt. If a Debtor does not settle the judgment or approach the Creditor concerned to make arrangements, the Creditor may firstly execute […]

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